From now, we're just making nails! Nowadays there are many different gels on the market, which one you use based on the natural nail, is it very flexible or very hard? The first contact with your customer is the time you determine which gel is most suitable based on your client's preferences. What are you going to learn? In addition to working on tips, you will also work with nail forms in this module. With this you can extend the nail, you have more freedom and can make any type of nail. You learn not only to make square nails, but also oval and round nails. French Manicure is still the most requested in the salon, so you will learn different variants.


  • Nail extension on tips and forms
  • French Manicure with nail bed extension.
  • Unique Natural Look system of Magnetic. The special feature of this system is that we have developed seven color white gel that match the color of the natural nail.
  • Application of Gelpolish and Color Gel to natural or artificial nails. because Gelpolish is an absolute must have in every nail salon!