Theory and Manicure with Gelpolish - beginners course

Theory and Manicure with Gelpolish - beginners course

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Want to start your career in Nail Industry ? You're in the right place!
Learn all about Theory, Practical manicure and Gelpolish application and start straight away!
Gelpolish is the hottest nail technology system in the market today due to high demand from consumers who want perfect natural nails without artificial enhancement. This innovative new system combines the ease of nail polish with the quality and durability of gel. You can give your client perfectly reinforced nails in half an hour, with the added bonus of a magnificent color that lasts for weeks!


Magnetic’s Theory and practical manicure with Gelpolish Training has been carefully constructed to provide you with the right mix of practical skills and knowledge which will enable you to progress in your career as a nail professional.
•Gelpolish Course Duration: 1 day full time
•Course Times: Training starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm.
•Course Prices: Contact Magnetic for more information about the Gelpolish Course price.

•Course price includes product kit
•Includes Magnetic Gelpolish Certificate
•includes marketing training for Nail Tech’s

#1 – You can qualify fast!

The training is quick and it is easy!

#2 – It takes 40 minutes to do a set of nails

Gelpolish application is similar to the application of Nail Polish and it cures quickly under a UV Lamp so you can do a set of nails in 40 – 45 minutes. This means, even a part time Nail Tech can do 2 – 3 sets of nails a day.

#3 – You can make good money

Take a look at the costing guide on the right.. You will get approximately 50 sets of nails per kit. . We'll tell you all about pricing and cost of products and service

#4 – You can start your own successful nail business

As part of the Training, Magnetic also gives you tools to help you fi customers and get your diary full. As a part of your Training, you also get ready-made, customisable marketing tools and training on how to use them. These customisable tools are poster size adverts that you can customize and use for print, web and social media.

Course is fully accredited with ABT


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